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Adaptive Behavior Assessment and Intervetion Tool (ABAIT) Electronic Software


The mission of ABAIT is to improve outcomes for people experiencing cognitive challenges along with assisting their caregivers at the point of need by reducing anxiety and stress caused by behaviors and psychological symptoms of dementia and other cognitive disorders.  We are dedicated to increasing research and improving outcomes within the dementia and other forms of cognitive challenges space and believe these populations deserve every chance at success; including innovative technologies.

Specifically, ABAIT strives to meet the following needs of caregivers:

  • Provide education and knowledge regarding what works and what does not work within the caring field at the point of giving care and in a logical and user –friendly format designed for all education levels.
  • Provide a platform for capturing individualized information about why behaviors happen and strategies to prevent these behaviors in a common language for reporting and usable on hand-held devices at the point of service.
  • Provide a platform for analyzing both an individual’s and an aggregate group’s global information in a easily accessible format that captures the fluidity of changes in real-time allowing the care plan to never be out-of-date and each individual to be in their least restrictive chemical and physical environment.
  • Reduce the need for PRN psychotropic interventions.


The ABAIT platform is a multi-component clinical decision support tool that is designed to facilitate:

  • Longitudinal tracking of triggers of the person experiencing cognitive changes to provide historical perspective of un-communicated needs that lead to behavioral episodes.
  • Real time access to historically validated, individualized behavior prevention and intervention strategies.
  • An efficient mechanism for recording behavior episodes in real time.
  • Global analysis of individual resident behavior patterns/portfolios for improved behaviors outcome management including data on times, types, frequency, severity, and responses to symptoms of dementia including difficult behaviors. 
  • Resource analysis of staff/caregiver utilization and practice patterns centered around behavioral management
  • On demand educational training modules to support care providers in behavior management and ABAIT platform.
  • Documentation of behavior demographics to meet regulatory requirements of difficult behaviors.
  • The ABAIT platform is accessible through a cloud hosted web application as a subscription service. The product is designed for use by all caregivers regardless of setting. The simplicity of the program allows all levels of training and expertise to utilize its functionality. The product is safeguarded by the standards outlined in HIPAA guidelines.


Available Now!

Available Now!

Nice to Meet you… Again — Empowering Children to Find Joy and Understanding in Loved Ones with Dementia

“No! No!” shouted Ollie, “I don’t want to go in there! That’s not my grandpa; he doesn’t even know who I am anymore.” So begins the beautiful journey of a little boy that transitions from being scared and frustrated that his grandpa, and best friend, does not know him anymore, to a boy that learns what HE can do to reconnect with his grandpa who is living with dementia. This unforgettable story takes readers through a range of emotions, from sadness to hope, as Ollie learns how to better understand the effects of dementia experienced by his grandpa and what he can do to help hold on to his relationship and enjoy their time together. This story is a lesson for children and adults to learn to accept a loved one experiencing dementia and to celebrate the joy in the interactions they still experience together.