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Reduction of poor dementia care is one of the central findings and targets within the National Alzheimer’s Plan.  Dementia is overwhelming constrained resources throughout national long term care systems.  Direct care providers are unprepared to address challenging behaviors and needs of residents with Dementia.  Turnover of staff in health care facilities complicates the fractured nature of resident care.  The dynamic nature of Agitated Behaviors themselves and a decreasing stress threshold among these residents amplifies the anxiety and the confusion that causes an overuse of antipsychotic drugs.  Improved quality of life through supported management of agitated behaviors and personalized intervention is the focus of this project.

ABAIT Solutions mission is to design and deliver an electronic care solution targeted at the highest cost residents within the LTC facilities.  Specifically, the software provides a managed framework to assist and customize interventions with residents affected by Agitated Behaviors.  In alpha testing, we were able to nearly eliminate the use of emergency psychotropics (PRNs) in less than 2 months, staff and resident morale significantly improved (staff did not request to be rotated away from Dementia areas), and in the subsequent State audit from implementation of the management tool no citations were levied.  The next Commercial Phase is to beta test ABAIT (Agitated Behavior Assessment and Intervention Tool).

The ABAIT Software product is now finishing its second pilot! Data report coming soon!

Available Now!

Available Now!

Nice to Meet you… Again — Empowering Children to Find Joy and Understanding in Loved Ones with Dementia

“No! No!” shouted Ollie, “I don’t want to go in there! That’s not my grandpa; he doesn’t even know who I am anymore.” So begins the beautiful journey of a little boy that transitions from being scared and frustrated that his grandpa, and best friend, does not know him anymore, to a boy that learns what HE can do to reconnect with his grandpa who is living with dementia. This unforgettable story takes readers through a range of emotions, from sadness to hope, as Ollie learns how to better understand the effects of dementia experienced by his grandpa and what he can do to help hold on to his relationship and enjoy their time together. This story is a lesson for children and adults to learn to accept a loved one experiencing dementia and to celebrate the joy in the interactions they still experience together.